Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Workshop Resources

The workshop is a series of activities which link together to cover the whole theme. A teacher guide for the full workshop, as well as all the resources you need are provided below.
You can also use each of the activities individually (see here) to complement other work in the classroom.


Individual Activities

Food Feely Bags

A fun activity giving students the chance to identify fruits and vegetables by touch alone and then find out more about where these mystery foods come from.

Smell Jars

A fun activity giving students a chance to identify foods by smell alone and then learn more about where these mystery foods grow.

Scottish Produce

This quick and simple activity asks students to think about some Scottish produce and then investigate where it is exported to.


In Scotland we import food from far and wide and send our produce all over the world.  This activity allows students to investigate the types of transport used to do this and the impact this can have on the environment.

Food Miles

This activity gives students the opportunity to think about just how far food has to travel to get to us and the impact this could have on the environment.  It also opens discussion of ways to reduce food miles and carbon footprint.