The Health Benefits of Dietary Fibre

The Health Benefits of Dietary Fibre

Sources of fibre

For many, maintaining a healthy weight is extremely difficult as most diets fail in the long run. Investigations aimed at enhancing satiety and weight loss have found protein to be effective in humans, but the effects of fibre remain unclear.  
To investigate the role fibre plays in the diet, work at the Rowett has shown that adding a soluble fibre to diets results in a decrease in calorie intake, body weight gain and obesity. This was followed up with a study demonstrating that soluble fibre was more effective than protein (from pea) in reducing satiety, body weight and composition. This research suggests that sustained increases in fibre intake at recommended levels for humans may be a better approach than high protein diets for weight loss in obese individuals.
It has been suggested that obesity may be caused by the bacteria in our gut, however research from the Rowett has indicated that changes in the microbiota are due to diet and not an indicator of obesity.

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This work was conducted by Dr Alexander Ross

Research funded by the Scottish Government as part of the Strategic Research Programme