2019 Anderson Lecture

We are pleased to announce this years Anderson Lecture will be presented by Prof David Dunnings from the University of Michigan. More details will be released soon.

2018 Anderson Lecture

The inaugural Anderson Lecture in 2018 was presented by Prof Lisa Feldmann-Barrett from Northeastern University, America. Her talk was entitled "Emotions: Separating Fact from Fiction". 

2017 Anderson Lecture

The fourth lecture (2017), delivered by Prof Nicola Clayton (Cambridge) was entitled "Ways of Thinking From Crows to Children and Back Again". 

2016 Anderson Lecture

The third lecture (2016) was delivered by Prof Richard Wiseman (Hertfordshire) His lecture was entitled “The Luck Factor”. 

2015 Anderson Lecture

The second Anderson lecture (2015) was given by Prof Bruce Hood (Bristol) and was entitled “The Domesticated Self: How the Social Development of the Species and the Individual Change Our Brains”.

2014 Anderson Lecture

The inaugural Anderson Lecture (2014) entitled “Happiness: What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You”  was given by Prof Daniel Gilbert (Harvard).