Summer Internship With Momentum

Summer Internship With Momentum

This summer I applied for one of the internships offered by the university for the WorkPlacement Course. After the selection procedure I got the internship at Momentum skills.Momentum Aberdeen offers vocational training for two groups of clients: Acquired BrainInjury and Mental Health. My Internship was for the Acquired Brain Injury group that tookplace on Mondays and Tuesdays for an 8-week period. The internship consisted ofdelivering sessions to the groups of clients and helping staff with a variety of admin jobs.The sessions that are delivered at Momentum include topics such as: Dealing withEmotion and Fatigue, Brain Injury Awareness, Healthy Living, Personal Goal setting, JobClub and more. The sessions consisted of a general introduction to the topic withquestions the clients could answer in their own time usually followed by a groupdiscussion. I found it very enjoyable to lead the group discussions in a way that all clientswould participate so we could all learn from each other. I felt like the courses were verywell designed to give the clients useful tools to improve all aspects of their lives toincrease their chances to succeed in their vocational goal. I wasn’t really sure what toexpect delivering sessions to clients with brain injury and over the 8 weeks I experiencedthat it really varies per client whether you can even tell if they have suffered from braininjury. The brain injury is only visible from the occasional memory lapses and issues withproducing speech but above all I experienced that it was a very motivated group ofpeople that really wanted to develop themselves for their future.

What I will take away from this experience is how rewarding volunteering can be. I foundit fulfilling to deliver sessions to clients because I felt that I could actually give themsomething by facilitating open discussions and by sharing my own experiences. Theclients were very grateful for all the work the volunteers put in. I felt that the simple "thank you" from the group made the internship very fulfilling. 

Renske is a 4th year studying for a BSc in Neuroscience with Psychology

Published by The School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen

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