The Centre for Modern Thought is co-directed by Dr. Edward Campbell and Dr. Andrea Teti. It draws upon contributions form staff across the University of Aberdeen.


Postgraduate Students



  • Lucy Alford (Human Rights and Poetry)
  • Burhanuddin Baki
  • Professor Mario Biagioli (Science Studies, Intellectual Property, History of Science)
  • Finn Brunton (Technology Studies, History of Science)
  • Professor Danny James (Modern Latin American History)
  • Dr Alexandra M. Kokoli (Critical and Contextual Studies)
  • Jorge Ledo (Classical and Renaissance Rhetoric)
  • Dr Nikolaj Lübecker (Modern French and Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Film Studies)
  • Professor Alberto Moreiras (Modern Political Philosophy, Latin American Studies, Contemporary Theory)
  • Dr Nick Nesbitt (French and Global Colonialism, Critical Theory, Music and Film Studies)
  • Dr Kriss Ravetto (Modern Film and Film Theory)
  • Professor Teresa María Vilarós (Hispanic Studies and Contemporary Theory)


  • Dr Jay Murphy (Critical Theory, Film Studies, Modern French Literature)

The Advisory Board

  • Harry Harootunian (Professor of History and East Asian Studies, New York University)
  • Nicholas Royle (Professor of English, Sussex University)
  • Naoki Sakai (Professor of Asian Studies and Comparative Literature, Cornell University)
  • Dr Thomas W. Keenan (Associate Professor of English and Director of the Human Rights Project, Bard College)