Dr Adam Staley Groves

Dr Adam Staley Groves

The Centre for Modern Thought
School of Language & Literature
University of Aberdeen



Adam Staley Groves joined the Centre for Modern Thought in 2011, after completing MA and PhD degrees with the European Graduate School. Currently a teaching fellow with Tembusu College, National University of Singapore, Adam teaches the Humanities and Social Sciences of Biomedicine and Climate Change. Adam has also taught Mass Communication and Humanities in the United States and Thailand.

Contributing Editor with the journal Continent., Adam is active in thinking the future of relationality in the university setting critiquing modes of professionalization in late capitalism: pedagogical method, academic publishing, adjunct labor, and the academic conference.

Theoretical and experimental in nature, Adam has written on contemporary American politics problematizing ideology in an age of media technics, thus exploring the legitimation of the political figure in national discourse often through the concept of the ‘storyteller’ as found in the literary criticism of Walter Benjamin. 


In an age that has dismissed metaphysics and in some regards philosophical thinking, relationality, and the thinking of language as a vital necessity, Adam’s research with the Centre for Modern Thought investigates the relationship between ‘the poetic’ and technology through the philosophemes of poet Wallace Stevens developed in his late prose. Stevens is therefore an unofficial philosopher who wrote poetic philosophemes that inform, it is suggested, an ethics of imagination in an age of globalization and technological proliferation.