Lucinda Rose Stroud

Lucinda Rose Stroud

Centre for Modern Thought 
School of Language & Literature 
University of Aberdeen



Lucy Stroud joined The Centre for Modern Thought in September 2013 after working for five years as a national journalist in the United Kingdom.

Her research at the CMT is focused around to what extent the media shapes conceptions of the self and questions around ‘otherness,’ with particular interest in regards to the Real Life women’s weekly magazine market and how far they offer a platform and/or voice to those often ignored by society.

The theoretical lens Lucy is looking through in regards to her research is Critical Theory and in particular the work of Theodor Adorno as well as Psychoanalysis to help aid the questions posed above and to help probe why individuals may want to appear in a Real Life women’s weekly magazine as much as why consumers want to purchase the magazines.

In particular the construction, maintenance and affect of grief is considered in relation to these magazines and an emphasis on the Real Life story as a medium for illuminating the philosophical and psychoanalytic trajectory Lucy is following in her research.

Lucy has also been a teaching assistant for the Encountering Global Change module for first year students studying Literature in a World Context last year at Aberdeen University and also the Module Co-ordinator and lecturer at The Robert Gordon University for the second year Feature Writing module.