Andrew P Gordon

Andrew P Gordon

Centre for Modern Thought 
School of Language & Literature 
University of Aberdeen



Andrew joined the Centre for Modern Thought in 2014. He has a BA in European Studies from UCL and spent several years as an independent scholar and musician in and around London. His doctoral dissertation explores the writing and philosophical thought of the American poet William Stafford (1914 – 1993).

Born somewhere in the Carolinas, Andrew grew up in Switzerland and has been in the UK since 2007. He is told that his ancestors left Scotland some two centuries ago and lives in Aberdeen with a somewhat awkward feeling of displaced belonging. He writes of himself in the third person with but a mild reluctance.

Further research interests: Trans-disciplinary study and dialogue, literature as a space of learning, history of ideas, continental philosophy, critical theory, American literature and poetry, Nietzsche and Nietzsche’s influence on modern thought, French thought (particularly Blanchot, Derrida, Levinas, Guattari & Deleuze).

Teaching experience within the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture:

Literature in a World Context - LW1504 - Encountering Global Change

Literature in a World Context - LW2003 - Literature, History and Thought: 1848 to 9/11