ID Cards

Your student ID card is a card for life. If you are properly registered your student ID card is valid for the duration of your degree and you will not receive a new one at the start of each academic year. If the registration process has not been followed, your card will de-activate 14 days after the start of term.

University of Aberdeen student ID cards do not have an expiry date. However, if you need documentation to confirm your student status, you can get such a document from the Infohub. You can also visit the National Union of Students website and apply for an NUS card which includes an expiry date and entitles you to discounts from various retailers.

Lost ID Card

If you have lost your ID card, first check at the Infohub to see if it has been handed in. If not, we can print one there and then for you, for a £5 charge.

Faulty ID Card

If your ID card is faulty, please come to the infohub and we will get the issue resolved.

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At the University of Aberdeen all students must apply to graduate, whether or not they wish to appear at a ceremony.

For those who do not wish to appear at a ceremony, and those who are awarded a Certificate or Diploma, you will graduate in absentia.

The summer ceremonies normally take place in June and the winter ceremonies take place towards the end of November in Elphinstone Hall, King's College campus at Old Aberdeen.

Further details of in absentia, summer and winter graduation ceremonies and application deadlines can be found at the Graduation website.