The IDEALL Group for Equality and Diversity

The IDEALL Group for Equality and Diversity

Integrating Diversity and Equality for ALL

IDEALL Group - Making working life betterThe group seeks to promote diversity and wellbeing for staff and students in medicine, biomedical sciences and related disciplines.

The group is based in the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition and is open to all University of Aberdeen and NHS staff and students at all levels.


  • To promote diversity and equality in medicine, biomedical science and related disciplines through networking, promotional events, information sessions and social activities.
  • To promote healthy work/life balance.
  • To work in parallel with the Equality and Diversity Group within the School of Medicine Medical Sciences and Nutrition to maximise the potential of staff and to promote the Athena Swan objectives.
  • To provide a unique mechanism to encourage dialog and to influence workplace attitudes toward diversity outside of the formal committee structure.

We host open meetings, talks and workshops as well as informal social events to encourage interaction with diverse colleagues. We welcome participation of all staff and students in academic, technical and administrative roles.

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The group, previously known as the Esslemont Group, formed in 2001 to support the career progression of women in biomedical sciences and was named in honour of the first female graduate from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Aberdeen.

The group was relaunched as the IDEALL Group in 2017 to support career progression, satisfaction and wellbeing of all staff, reflecting the broader aims of the Athena Swan Charter.

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