Career Pathways

Career Pathways

The range of degrees within the Medical Science disciplines prepare you to follow a broad range of careers relating to medicine and the life sciences.

The quality of your training will permit you to take advantage of international career opportunities in research and development. Some pursue these within Universities and Research Institutes, while others find employment in the biomedical research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

But not all Medical Scientists are to be found in laboratories. Others choose further study in related areas such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, dietetics and physiotherapy. Some may be found teaching in schools, inspiring the next generation of scientists, or in courts of law, arguing over complex patent cases.

In addition, an understanding of contemporary biology combined with your wider graduate skills will give you an additional broad choice of potential career options such as bioethics, journalism, and health economics.

There are yet further career options within the Scientific Civil Service, the Health Service, medical sales, the software sector, management and administration. Some graduates have even gone on to set up their own businesses.

Many of the career opportunities outlined also apply to graduates with a Sport & Exercise Science background. However, athletes themselves need to be educated and a degree in Sports Science gives them a clear understanding of the limitations to their performance and how to optimize it.

Equally, this applies to the wide range of sports and athletics support staff – such as coaches, trainers, managers, physiotherapists and other health related professions concerned with fitness and nutrition.