Bio-business Options

Bio-business Options

The Biotechnology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Life Sciences arena. Recent stock market trends show bio-pharmaceuticals as one of the more recession resistant areas of our economy. With more than 4000 companies worldwide the opportunities for graduates with the appropriate skills have never been better.

Graduates with an understanding of the commercialisation of scientific ideas are in great demand so add the Bio-Business options to your degree and expand your career prospects. The Bio-business options extend over 3 years with one course in first or second year and one course in third and fourth year.

Become "business savvy"

By undertaking one of our new Medical Science degrees with options in Bio-business you will be given the unique opportunity to combine scientific excellence with business competence.

Our Courses

You start Bio-business in first or second year with an Introduction to Bio-business. This is followed by Bio-business (Level 3) and Advanced Bio-business (Level 4). Bio-business options can be combined with all degrees in Medical Science at the University of Aberdeen.

The Bio-business components will concentrate on models that relate directly to the commercialisation of science and technology. Experts from Bio-business, Intellectual Property, Law and Finance will be brought in specifically to teach our Bio-business students.

Graduates in Bio-business can maximise their career opportunities by pursuing a PhD, MBA or going directly into careers in Industry.

The Complete Package

Why not optimise your career opportunities and secure one of our sought after, 5 year, MSci Medical Sciences degrees and combine a year working in the biotechnology or bio-pharmaceutical industry with Bio-business.

To learn more about Bio-business options, please contact Dr Iain Greig.