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Professor David Price
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Professor David Price

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  • Identification of key opportunities for optimising the management of high-risk COPD patients in the UK using the CONQUEST Quality Standards: an observational longitudinal study

    Halpin, D. M., Dickens, A. P., Skinner, D., Murray, R. B., Singh, M., Hickman, K., Carter, V., Couper, A., Evans, A., Pullen, R., Menon, S., Morris, T., Muellerova, H., Bafadhel, M., Chalmers, J., Devereux, G., Gibson, M., Hurst, J. R., Jones, R., Kostikas, K., Quint, J., Singh, D., van Melle, M., Wilkinson, T. M., Price, D.
    The Lancet Regional Health - Europe, vol. 29, 100619
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Cluster analyses from the real-world NOVELTY study: six clusters across the asthma COPD spectrum

    Hughes, R., Rapsomaniki, E., Bansal, A. T., Vestbo, J., Price, D., Agusti, A., Beasley, R., Alacqua, M., Papi, A., Müllerová, H., Reddel, H. K., NOVELTY Scientific Community, NOVELTY study investigators
    The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
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  • Implementation of a Primary Care Asthma Management Quality Improvement Programme across 68 General Practice Sites

    Gilchrist, F. J., Carroll, W. D., Clayton, S., Price, D., Jarrold, I., Small, I., Sutton, E. J., Lenney, W.
    npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, vol. 33, 21 (2023)
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Current and Optimal Practices in Childhood Asthma Monitoring Among Multiple International Stakeholders

    Papadopoulos, N. G., Mathioudakis, A. G., Custovic, A., Deschildre, A., Phipatanakul, W., Wong, G., Xepapadaki, P., PeARL Think Tank, Price, D.
    JAMA Network Open, vol. 6, no. 5, e2313120
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  • Burden of illness in a cohort of Italian patients eligible for biologics for asthma but not treated: a sub analysis of the real-world ISAR EVEREST study

    Bonini, M., Canonica, G. W., Blasi, F., Paggiaro, P., Heffler, E., Brussino, L., Caminati, M., Bagnasco, D., Camiciottoli, G., Pelaia, G., Detoraki, A., Crimi, C., Boarino, S., Cristofari, G., Erhard, C., Carter, V., Price, D., Cook, B., Tran, T. N., Le, T. T., SANI and ISAR EVEREST study groups
    EAACI Congress 2023
    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
  • Deriving and validating an asthma diagnosis prediction model for children and young people in primary care

    Daines, L., Bonnett, L., Tibble, H., Boyd, A., Thomas, R., Price, D., Turner, S. W., Lewis, S. C., Sheikh, A., Pinnock, H.
    Wellcome open research, vol. 8, no. 195
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Data Resource Profile: United Kingdom Optimum Patient Care Research Database

    Lynam, A., Curtis, C., Stanley, B., Heatley, H., Worthington, C., Roberts, E., Price, C., Carter, V., Dennis, J., McGovern, A., Price, D.
    Pragmatic and Observational Research, vol. 2023, no. 14, pp. 39-49
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Chronic Airways Assessment Test: Psychometric properties in patients with asthma and/or COPD

    Tomaszewski, E. L., Atkinson, M. J., Janson, C., Karlsson, N., Make, B., Price, D., Reddel, H. K., NOVELTY study investigators, NOVELTY Scientific Community
    Respiratory Research, vol. 24, 106
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Clinical Remission in Oral Corticosteroid (OCS)-dependent Patients with Severe Asthma: An Analysis of the ANDHI-IP and PONENTE Trials

    Menzies-Gow, A., Louis, R., Shavit, A., Price, D., Kwiatek, J., Cosio, B. G., Cohen, D. L., Keeling, N., Harrison, T.
    2023 ATS International Conference
    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
  • Comparative effectiveness of Anti-IL5 and Anti-IgE biologic classes in severe asthma patients eligible for both

    pfeffer, p., Ali, N., Murray, R., Ulrik, C., Tran, T., Maspero, J., Peters, M., Christoff, G., Sadatsafavi, M., Torres-Duque, C. A., Altraja, A., Lehtimäki, L., Papadopoulos, N., Salvi, S., Costello, R. W., Cushen, B., Heffler, E., Iwanaga, T., Al-Ahmad, M., Larenas-Linnemann, D., Kuna, P., Fonseca, J., Al-Lehebi, R., Rhee, C. K., Llano, L. P. d., Perng, D., Mahboub, B., Wang, E., Goh, Y. Y. C., Lyu, J., Newell, A., Alacqua, M., Bhutani, M., Bjermer, L., Björnsdóttir, U. S., Bourdin, A., Bülow, A. V., Busby, J., Canonica, W., Cosio, B. G., Dorscheid, D., Esquerre, M. M., FitzGerald, M., Gil, E. G., Gibson, P. G., Heaney, L., Hew, M., Hilberg, O., Hoyte, F., Jackson, D., Koh, M., Ko, H., Lee, J. H., Lehmann, S., Loureiro, C. C., Ludviksdottir, D., Menzies-Gow, A., Mitchell, P., Papaioannou, A., Popov, T., Porsbjerg, C., Salameh, L., Sirena, C., Taillé, C., Taube, C., Tohda, Y., Wechsler, M. E., Price, D.
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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