Accessing PCCIU data

Accessing PCCIU data

The PCCIUR team welcomes funded applications from individuals and organisations to use PCCIUR data for research purposes.    

Application for Data

Please email in the first instance to discuss your research proposal. This will enable a quick assessment of whether our database is suitable to meet your needs.

A protocol should be completed and submitted according to the submission process.  A standard approach is used for the submission of all protocols for the use of PCCIUR data (including internal submissions from within the University of Aberdeen) and all applications undergo the same peer review process.

It normally takes between 3-4 months from submission of a protocol until the data are released for analysis.

Costs for accessing data

A cost assessment is undertaken for each protocol submitted for use of PCCIUR data.  These costs are to recover staff costs incurred with the development, preparation and supply of data.  These costs include a small administrative charge and are subject to VAT.

Protocols submitted by applicants within the University of Aberdeen are also subject to the same costs as those from external applicants, except that no VAT will be charged. 

Data will not be released to applicants until the University of Aberdeen has received appropriate payment.