Course Feedback

Course Feedback

Below you will find feedback from attendees of some of our courses.

Academic Foundation Programme Introduction to SPSS

Excellent course, very useful and practical. (2015)
Nicely paced; enough time to ask questions. (2015)

Introductory Medical Statistics

Was previously intimidated by statistics but now it’s all become a bit clearer. (2015)
Simple concepts were explained very well and in an understandable and clear manner. (2015)

Applied Statistics

The lectures were very well taught - the lectures were clear and understandable. The use of multiple examples works well. I also really liked the revision sections of each lecture - this was really helpful. The practicals using SPSS also nicely complemented the lecture material for each week. (2015)
The professors genuinely seemed to care about the students doing well and understanding the material. They would always review more challenging topics and were available outside of class to help. (2015)

Applied Statistics - Online

Interesting examples throughout made an uninteresting subject interesting. Seemed well organised and course material provided [was] generally clear. (2017)
Very practical approach. (2017)

PhD basic stats course

Really enjoyed it. I finally feel as though I have a basic grasp of stats! Very useful and practical. (2015)
Very good teaching – all speakers clear and informative and good at answering questions. (2015)
I highly appreciate what you are doing for us and I am proud to be one of the PhD students in Aberdeen. (2015)