Study Steering Group

Study Steering Group

Study Steering Group

The role of the study steering group is to provide guidance and to oversee the progress of the study to ensure it is conducted in line with both, the Department of Health’s Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care and the Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice. The group will meet at key stages during the study and will inform strategic decisions. The steering group is comprised of researchers and both existing and retired clinical staff with extensive experience in critical care and occupational stress.

Steering Group Members

Steering Group Chair: Natalie Pattison

Natalie is a Clinical Professor and has a joint post between the University of Hertfordshire and East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.  She has extensive experience in critical care research and practice and is currently chair of the United Kingdom Critical Care Research Group.


Independent Members

Liz Whitaker

Liz is a retired critical care nurse. She brings a wealth of critical care expertise and contributes this to the oversight group.

Viv Swanson

Viv is a reader in Health Psychology at the University of Stirling and Health Psychology lead at NHS Education Scotland.  She has expertise in stress management and patient safety.

Nicki Credland

Nicki is a senior lecturer at the University of Hull. She has experience in critical care nursing, is an experienced educator and is currently chair of the British Association of Critical Care Nurses. In this latter role, she receives regular feedback from membership about working during the pandemic.

Juliet MacArthur

Juliet is Chief Nurse Research and Development at NHS Lothian. She has a strategic role and has led clinical academic career development particularly around research expertise in nurses and midwives and has supported front line nurses during COVID-19.

Barbara Farquharson

Barbara Is a British Heart Foundation Fellow at the University of Stirling and former cardiac nurse.  She has expertise in occupational stress in nurses, especially in telephone delivered care (NHS 24).