Read about some people who have recently spent a sabbatical with us:

Sella Provan (Consultant Rheumatologist), Oslo

Sella spent a sabbatical period with the Epidemiology Group from August – December 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay with the Epidemiology group at the University of Aberdeen.  I am a consultant Rheumatologist working at Diakonhjemmet Hospital in Oslo, Norway. At the moment I also have a part-time position as a senior researcher, and I first encountered Professor MacFarlane and his colleagues as a student at the Intensive Course in Applied Epidemiology that is held by the group. The course was excellent.  My chief areas of interest are epidemiology, arthritis, co-morbidities and chronic pain, and it therefore made sense to apply to visit the group to learn more I received a grant from the Norwegian Health Authorities that allowed me to bring my family with me for a 4-month stay.

Professor Macfarlane was quick to respond to my application. His group were very friendly and welcoming to visitors. The practicalities of work space, computer access etc. was sorted out in advance by his secretary, which allowed me to use my time with the group as efficiently as possible. I had regular meetings with Professor Macfarlane and was also invited to several group meetings. My period with the group will result in 1-2 academic papers. I have also expanded my knowledge on how academic research groups can be run, and hopefully my stay will result in future opportunities for collaboration.