Co-ordinated by Professor Phyo Myint, an academic geriatrician, ACTRA membership is made up of an interdisciplinary team of both clinical and non-clinical academics who are actively engaged in clinical and translational ageing research, with a particular focus on physical and mental health.

Non-clinical academic members hail from various academic groups from the College of Life Sciences & Medicine including members from the Epidemiology Group (AGEING), Academic Primary Care, the Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, the Medical Statistics Team, the Health Economics Research Unit, the Chronic Disease Research Group, the Health Services Research Unit, the Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre and the Translational Neuroscience Group. 

Clinical academic members within the collaboration are currently actively seeing older patients in hospital and community settings, and represent clinical knowledge from the disciplines of geriatric medicine, clinical nutrition, public health, neurology, primary care, pharmacy, and neuroradiology. This interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers and clinicians provides unique assets, expertise and experience in a range of ageing-related disciplines.