PhUSE Annual Conference 2017

PhUSE Annual Conference 2017

The beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland will be the scene of the 13th PhUSE Annual Conference. The theme for the 2017 Conference is Digital Innovation in Healthcare.

The beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland will be the scene of the 13th PhUSE Annual Conference. The theme for the 2017 Conference is “Digital Innovation in Healthcare”.

Let us look at a few definitions first. Digital. What does that mean? As an adjective, digital means everything expressed as a series of the digits 0 and 1. Bits and bytes. Innovation? Anything featuring new methods or new ideas. Healthcare of course is the field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind, as dictionaries gently put it.

The pharmaceutical industry is known to adapt slowly to anything new. Whether its standards, systems, or processes, we don’t change easily. The world around us however, does. Even the larger sector we’re in, the healthcare industry, changes and changes fast.

Previous conferences have touched on related topics with themes around data transparency, data science, and the fast track to approval. The topic of conversation in Edinburgh takes us on a journey through mobile communication, the cloud, and the Internet of Things. Technology that we haven’t had to deal with before, hooked up to our smart devices and sensors. Technology that generates massive amounts of data that, in turn, require advanced analytics. And that can provide solutions to challenges that we cannot begin to think of yet.

This time around, change will have to come fast. That requires that we get answers to questions quickly. That’s what we will be doing in Edinburgh. Just to name a few. Where exactly is this digital innovation? What is big data in healthcare, and where is it? How do we deal with all this data? How does new technology affect our work, and how do we make it work for us?

PhUSE will continue with presentations as the backbone of the Conference. Interactive sessions and Hands-on Workshops will remain the platform for open discussion on current subjects. Of course PhUSE will follow the trend of change and has seized opportunities for improvement by adjusting the Conference streams to the needs of its audience. And again, we will invite the most inspiring keynote speakers.

We look forward to meeting you in Edinburgh in 2017!

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