The University of Aberdeen and the Institute of Applied Health Sciences are both fully committed to increasing the representation of women in senior roles and the Aurora programme seeks to support actions taken to address under-representation at this level.


Aurora is managed by Advance HE and is a women-only programme which seeks to develop core leadership skills in women who aspire to reach senior levels. Further information can be found on the AURORA website.


Women who are interested in this opportunity will be invited to apply by means of a short application form which will be emailed to Institute members in the autumn of each year. Applicants should be Grade 8/Senior Lecturer or below and be able to attend all programme dates.


Dr Melanie Turner, Research Fellow is currently completing the 2020/21 programme.


Dr Rosalind Adam, Clinical Lecturer attended 2018/19 and had this to say about her experience:

Rosalind Adam


ā€œI applied to AURORA because I was at a transition phase between early career researcher and independent researcher. I had recently been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship. During the fellowship I will lead my own research projects, bringing together multidisciplinary and international collaborators to help me achieve my vision of improved, patient-centred cancer survivorship care. Before attending AURORA I was hesitant about the significant investment of time (five full days in total, plus preparation). I was concerned about being faced with theories and abstract ideas which might not help me in the real-world. These concerns were unfounded. I have attended three AURORA sessions to date. I have gained practical insights into how to present myself and my research ideas. I have learned how to manage challenging professional interactions and relationships, and how to approach networking strategically. There have been helpful tips on time management, prioritising, and work-life balance. I have heard from inspirational individuals about the real challenges that these leaders face as their careers progress. It has felt almost indulgent to spend time reflecting and planning my career strategically. Iā€™d suggest to others that they afford themselves this indulgence ā€“ AURORA is a worthwhile investment in yourself.ā€


Dr Kirsty Kiezebrink, Deputy Director of IAHS and Senior Lecturer (Scholarship) attended in 2017/18