Dr Hanne Bruhn
Dr Hanne Bruhn

Dr Hanne Bruhn

PhD, MA (Hons)

Research Fellow

Health Services Research Unit (HSRU)
3rd Floor, Health Sciences Building
University of Aberdeen
AB25 2ZD


I'm a Health Services Researcher and my personal pronouns are she/her.

In November 2017 I joined HSRU to work on RECAP - Reporting clinical trial results appropriately to participants. RECAP was completed in 2019 and I now work across a range of projects in HSRU (PREP-AIR, ActWELL/ActWELL study, PoINT, Improved Data for Improved Outcomes Project).

In 2013 while working in CHaRT, a small group of us started the Estimating Site Performance (ESP) study which has now grown to ESP2 which I lead. We ask Trial Managers and anyone setting up recruitment sites in trials, to predict whether they think a site will recruit to target. Predictions are made using a tool developed in ESP using practical experience from trial managers. ESP2 is part of Trial Forge, led by Professor Shaun Treweek, that aims to be more systematic about how we generate and use research evidence in making trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting decisions. I also contribute to other Trial Forge related projects and resources.

Prior to joining HSRU, I worked on a variety of Health Services Research projects at the University of Aberdeen (PIPPC, EMMA, eTHoS, UKUFF, MUNROS). I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a MA (Hons) in Psychology in 2001 and completed a PhD in Psychology, also from the University of Aberdeen, in 2008.