Mike Melvin

Mike Melvin

Mike tells us about how he promotes volunteering on shmuFM as part of his role at ACVO - the Third Sector Interface for Aberdeen and what volunteering with HSRU means to him.


Tell us about your role in HSRU

I am one of the Public Involvement Partnership Group Volunteers at the HSRU. The role is varied and interesting. Along with colleagues I give a public perspective across the activities of the HSRU, discuss new project ideas, plain language summaries, study results, public engagement activities, as well as being involved in individual research projects. Everyone works together to further advance the important and tremendous impact research that the HSRU undertakes has for people and healthcare.

Tell us a bit about your background and what you do now

As well as volunteering with the HSRU Public Involvement Partnership Group I work at ACVO-the Third Sector Interface for Aberdeen where I am the Volunteering Services Manager, helping build the incredible contribution volunteers, the community and third sector make. 

What is your favourite thing about your role in HSRU?

I enjoy everything about volunteering with the HSRU. You see the real difference you are making and it is a terrific group of people. I have also learnt so much about research and the crucial contribution research that the HSRU undertakes and supports has for health and wellbeing. I am passionate both about the great impact health research has and volunteering. Therefore, being a volunteer with the HSRU Public Involvement Partnership Group is the perfect match for me and I would encourage anyone to get involved as well-always fantastic.

How do you usually start your day?

I start the day with a big bowl of porridge, a banana and a cup of strong coffee to waken me up (hopefully) and get me going for the day ahead.

How do you relax?

I like listening to music and going to concerts. Also, watching sports such as football (although sometimes that is not relaxing), snooker and tennis. A good book is always great as well.

What was the last thing you posted on your social media profiles?

Shared information regarding a radio broadcast I help with on shmuFM community radio as part of my work at ACVO promoting volunteering and community news. Magda from the HSRU has been one of our brilliant guests on the programme as well, speaking about the excellent work and volunteering at the HSRU – you can listen in and find out more at: https://www.mixcloud.com/shmuFM/shmufm-so-why-dont-you-programme-with-hsru/