Student Hardship Fund

Student Hardship Fund

Be there for them

Students are worrying daily about the ever-increasing cost-of-living.

Almost 600 students have asked for support this year so far.

I don’t need to tell you how challenging it’s been these past few years with the Covid pandemic and its impact on jobs and finances. Now some students are facing one of their toughest challenges yet. But you can be there for them when they need it most, with a gift to the Student Hardship Fund.

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Worryingly, hundreds of students have told us they are struggling with rising costs. As the current crisis deepens, there’s been a significant increase in requests for additional financial support from students who are unable to cover basic living expenses. Some of our more vulnerable students could face the agonising decision of having to drop out of their studies, leaving their dreams of a higher education behind.

The University is supporting students with budgeting advice, warm study spaces and subsidised meal options for inexpensive, nutritious breakfasts and lunches. But things that we may take for granted such as wider family support, good health, or living in a secure environment aren’t always the case for some of our students.

The cost of living crisis is having an impact on many of us, but low income families and students from disadvantaged backgrounds are facing a huge strain. With no ‘bank of mum and dad’ or support network behind them, these students often have nowhere to turn. But you can be there for them and ensure these students receive the support they need, helping them to reach their full potential.

Mei’s Story
Many students take on part time jobs to support their studies, perhaps you did too. But today, more and more are having to work longer hours just to make ends meet, which is not only affecting their studies, but also their mental and physical wellbeing. One student, Mei, told us she has been, “juggling holding down a full-time job while studying a full-time course on very little sleep, which has put a huge strain on my health.”

Students like Mei are working well over the recommended maximum of 15 hours to cover their costs, and as a result may have had to miss lectures or important opportunities to create friendships and connections with their classmates.

Would you donate today to support a student like Mei? Your gift could go towards:

  • Energy bills to keep her warm
  • Food vouchers so she can prepare healthy and filling meals
  • Unexpected repairs to essential items and appliances
  • Textbooks and equipment so that her learning isn’t disrupted
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for interviews, field trips, placements and Aberdeen’s unpredictable weather
  • Transport costs so she can attend placements and work
  • Sport and activity fees so that she doesn’t miss out on the full student experience

We know times are tough but anything you can spare would make a real difference to students facing an unprecedented crisis. By setting up a regular Direct Debit you can spread the cost of your donation throughout the year. Or if you are in a position to make a one-off gift today, you can make an impact instantly.

£50 could help students like Antoni, who is studying Finance. He works hard at his studies and balances this with a part time job, but his wages barely cover his living costs. With your support, students like Antoni could get the help he needs
to purchase textbooks required for his classes as well as essentials for his flat such as cutlery and a new set of pans.

£10 per month could help Dylan, who feels “hopeless” pursuing the career he is so passionate about due to spiralling costs. Your donation could help towards utility bills so he can pursue his dreams of becoming a Physician Associate.

£500 could help a mature student like Lucy, who also juggles unpaid carer responsibilities. Struggling to study online with an old and broken laptop, your gift could help her afford to repair her computer equipment allowing her to focus on her course and family.

Every day we receive more requests for help. We can’t help them all without the support of our Aberdeen family.

Please, will you be there for them?

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