Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund

Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund

The Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund is the legacy of hundreds of medical graduates and professionals who are helping to create the doctors of tomorrow. Born from a project championed by the Medical Class of 1969, it offers life changing scholarships to bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may never have had the chance to study medicine otherwise.  

The demographic breakdown of Britain’s doctors is not representative of society at large. A disproportionate number of medical students in the UK come from the most affluent homes and neighbourhoods.  Importantly, the need to challenge this imbalance is not simply about fairness or providing opportunities – it has the potential to benefit patients too.

Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund facts and figures: £20,000- The cost of one five-year  MBChB scholarship;  £1,200 per month- The average cost of living for a student in 2023; £65,800 Raised so far for the Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund; 50% of secondary schools have never had a pupil apply to medical school;	 Medical students from state schools are nearly twice as likely to graduate in the top 10% of their class as students from private schools; 80% of medical students have parents or guardians in professional or senior managerial roles; 25% of medical students come directly to university from private schools.

*Additional costs for medical students are not included, such as stethoscopes and professional clothing
for public facing placements


Gateway 2 Medicine (G2M)

The University of Aberdeen is committed to widening participation in the study of medicine, both to address inequality in the medical field and to create a diverse learning environment that will benefit all students. Gateway 2 Medicine has been designed to transform the aspirations and ambitions of Scottish secondary school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In a unique partnership with NESCOL, G2M offers students a starting point for five years of medical school as well as additional support. It’s a year-long course with tailored career advice and mentorship to help maximise their successful transition to the MBChB programme.  During the pre-entry year they will also be offered a bank employment contract with NHS Grampian to carry out work experience.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people who may otherwise never have thought of pursuing a career in medicine. And while it does offer an excellent gateway into medicine, the MBChB course is extremely challenging and many of these students will need continued support to succeed as they continue with their learning.


This is where your support will make the difference

The Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund supports a scholarship for a student who took part in the G2M pre-programme. It provides additional much-needed financial support to a hopeful medical professional during their degree, reducing their need to take on part-time work and enabling them to focus fully on their studies. It will help to give them a better chance to succeed and reach their full potential.

Please consider joining your fellow medics in supporting disadvantaged medical students. Your gift of any size will help to build a better future for disadvantaged students and allow them to reach their full potential.


Introducing the first two Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund Scholars

Thanks to the fantastic support from University of Aberdeen medical alumni and the local medical community, the first student was awarded the Aberdeen Medics Scholarship in 2021.

Claire was inspired to study medicine as a result of her own medical issues. However her circumstances meant it would have been very challenging for her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But thanks to the generosity of doctors like you, she has recently started her third year at Medical School at the University of Aberdeen.

The second Aberdeen Medics Scholar started his MBChB course in 2023. Mohammad is originally from Shetland and we look forward to updating you on his progress.

Read Claire's latest report about her time at Medical School and watch her video below:

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How to donate:

If you would like to support the Fund please donate online now  and choosing 'Aberdeen Medics Scholarship Fund' from the drop-down list. Or to discuss further, contact Claire Henderson, Development Officer, on +44 (0) 1224 274253 or email claire.henderson@abdn.ac.uk.

Thank you.