Open To All

Open To All

Open to all. It was the founding principle of the University of Aberdeen and one that resonates deeply today.

Each year we welcome thousands of new students to the Aberdeen family, but for many, the journey is not easy. For others, the journey is over before it begins. 

Working on the front lines of student support, the stories we read are heart-breaking. But we can’t help them all without the support of our Aberdeen family. By making a gift to the Open to All Fund you will be providing students with essential items such as laptops, books, and field equipment.  You will help to cover moving costs for those who cannot stay at home. You will enable us to offer the extra support needed to help underprivileged students start their university journey.

Your gift matters. You can ensure that the University of Aberdeen remains open to all.  


Your gift to the Open to All Fund will ensure that the University of Aberdeen can indeed be “open to all”. You can give students who have the talent, but not the means, the extra support they need to get started.

You can make university a reality by helping to ensure wider access to the very best in education, co-curricular activities, and vital services.

Your gift matters to… student carers

Paul is a mature student with unpaid carer responsibilities. His laptop is old and broken and desperately needs to be replaced to allow him to study online. Struggling to work on his slow computer, his anxiety and stress levels are at an all-time high. Your gift to the Open to All Fund will allow Paul to purchase a new laptop, and enable him to focus on both his course and family.

Your gift matters to... disadvantaged students

For many, the lack of support isn’t just financial. Those who grew up in the care system or who are estranged from their family may not have someone to support them through the application process. If English isn’t their first language, they may struggle with creating the high quality of personal statement needed to apply. 50% of secondary schools have never had a pupil apply to medical school, despite the fact that students from state schools are nearly twice as likely to graduate in the top 10% of their class than students from private schools. These are just some of the barriers that many bright students face which prevent them from considering and starting their University education.

Your gift will give these young people the support system they need to navigate the university application process. Your generosity will help offer academy workshops, mentoring, and support to guide pupils in the next stage of their education and career.  You can give a disadvantaged student access to tutoring, homework clubs and online Maths and English courses.

Your gift matters to... refugee students

Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror. Shahid came to the UK as an asylum seeker after fleeing religious persecution in his home country.

Stripped of his identity, respect and dignity he was living on £35 a week and visiting food banks.

After receiving refugee status, he achieved a place at the University of Aberdeen to study politics and international relations. You can help people like Shahid rebuild their lives. Your gift to the Open to All fund will support refugee scholarships, and help provide bursaries and cover living costs. It will help us to welcome and support even more refugee students.

Your gift matters to so many students. You can make a direct impact on the life of someone joining University, who may not be able to otherwise.

  • £50 will buy two weeks of grocery shopping for a refugee student struggling to pay for food
  • £100 will help towards the cost of moving to Aberdeen for a student who has no parental support
  • £250 will help towards rent for a student who has fallen behind in payments
  • £400 will allow a student from one of the most deprived areas of Scotland the opportunity to earn a Higher-equivalent Maths or English qualification needed to get into university
  • £525 would cover the cost of essential IT equipment to allow a student carer to look after family and concentrate on their studies
  • £1,000 will pay nursery feeds for a student parent so they do not have to miss classes because they can’t afford childcare

With no support system, or a “bank of Mum and Dad” behind them, many gifted and talented students will not be able to gain a higher education. Your gift could change their path, and provide the resources they need. Your donation of any size will make a difference. Please help to ensure the University of Aberdeen can truly be “open to all”.

Thank you for your generosity.

Sally Middleton                                 Nick Edwards

Access and Articulation               Student Support