Life as a student is about so much more than just studying.

At the University of Aberdeen we aim to provide the highest quality student and learning experience while creating a lively sense of community and belonging. There is an urgent need for funding to support the very best activities and services. This not only enables students to broaden their experiences and develop the widest range of transferable skills but also provides support services, volunteering opportunities and the chance to participate fully in university life.

We need your support for essential student services and activities including:-

  • Study Support Grants – for enhanced study and research for dissertations and fieldwork
  • Summer Schools – enabling access to university for school leavers and mature students
  • Bursaries – including sport, travel and hardship funds
  • Hotstarts - to enable Medicine or Biomedical students to gain crucial lab experience
  • Club and societies – such as the Opera Society, TAU Racing and Business Enterprise
  • Student services – to provide vital support such as the confidential Niteline listening service

The skills gained through a wider student experience, reach far beyond those which relate only to an academic discipline. This provides the most engaging learning experience and vital support which, in turn, greatly helps to enhance employability after graduation.

Find out the impact your gifts have made so far.