A view of the post flood sediment deposition on the flood plain downstream from Aboyne Bridge


  1. Linking the erosion at the scour-pits to deposition on the floodplain

    We’ve also surveyed the sediment that was deposited across the floodplain downstream of the bridge. And a good job too as the repair and recovery work carried out by the Council and Dunecht Estate has now cleared much of this part of the story. So – with your help – we can reconstruct what happened during the flood at Aboyne Bridge – and we’ll be able to help improve the resilience of the bridge, and other such structures to future flood events.
  2. If we are able to reconstruct the floodwater levels at Aboyne Bridge using this technique then we can turn our attention to other locations along the Dee valley – and elsewhere of course.

    If crowd-sourced photographs can be used to track water levels during floods then there is the possibility of using these records instantly to chart developing water-levels along the river for future flood events. Such real-time high-resolution information could allow for more strategic responses to flood events as they happen….