Tectonics and Geophysics Group

Tectonics and Geophysics Group

The Tectonics and Geophysics Group members concentrate expertise in the tectonics and structure of the lithosphere, notably the tectonic influence on sedimentation systems and the dynamics of lithosphere deformation.

We span the earth system from sub-lithosphere-lithosphere interaction through to outcrop and well core. All group members contribute to agenda-setting research on the heterogeneities and anisotropies of the earth and their dynamic effects, including how best to image and interpret these heterogeneities on seismic data at different scales. 

Our research highlights include:

  • demonstrating the impact of lateral compaction on shortening
  • showing for the first time that technique use is more important than the knowledge of experts in interpretation of seismic datasets
  • calculating the impact of anisotropy on fracture stability under elevated pore fluid pressures
  • calibrating the seismic properties of deformed materials 
  • demonstrating how interactions between the lithosphere and the deeper mantle play a role in defining the internal architecture of sedimentary basins

Active research projects involve collaboration with industry on the dynamics of continental margins and basins, including linking with the “Basin Fill” researchers on depositional systems in deepwater settings.

A parallel theme examining deformation localisation and fracture patterns together with their impacts on fluid flow uses investment in our petrophysics facilities (funded by AFES, BG, NERC & Total).