PhDs in the UK Oil and Gas Training Academy

The School of Geosciences has TWO scholarships associated with the UK’s Oil and Gas Training Academy for entry in September-October 2018. These will be filled from the list of topics below.


The Oil and Gas Training Academy provides continuity from the NERC Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil and Gas, and, as before, successful applicants will benefit from being enrolled in a nationwide cohort of students who receive training in a broad range of skills and experience suitable to follow a career in the energy industry.


Four PhD topics are offered this year, from which we will appoint two studentships.


Interpreting fold-thrust structures: how good are idealised models?

Supervisors: Clare Bond and Rob Butler (University of Aberdeen).


How responsive are coastal carbonate depositional systems to relative sea-level change?

Supervisors: Rob Butler, John Howell (University of Aberdeen), Rosanna Maniscalco and Agata di Stefano (University of Catania).


Calibrating Geothermometers: integrating field, laboratory and well data for appraising thermal maturation of organic matter

Supervisors: David Muirhead and Alex Brasier (University of Aberdeen).


‘Overthickening’ of the Cretaceous along the NE Atlantic margin by igneous intrusions

Supervisors: Nick Schofield, David Muirhead (University of Aberdeen), and Simon Holford (University of Adelaide).


The studentships are for 4 years and are fully funded, with stipend and fees, together with research expenses. Potential applicants should approach the named supervisors for further information, beyond that in the pdf associated with the titles above.


Note that we will be obliged to fill at least one of the two studentships with a UK (home) applicant. The other may also be filled by an individual from within the EU. Regrettably these studentships are not available to general international students as the additional fee-components are not included in the award. However, international students with access to their own scholarship funds who are interested in any of the four topics listed above can contact the supervisors who may be able to set up a similar research project, outside the Training Academy.


Applications must be made through the University’s central admissions system here. Applications should identify the Oil and Gas Training Academy as the funding source.


The deadline for applications is noon on Friday 13th April 2018. We aim to interview in early May.