Geo-Net-Zero at Aberdeen


The School of Geosciences is a core partner of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Geoscience and the Low Carbon Energy (Geo-Net-Zero). The CDT partnership is run by Heriot-Watt University. Information on the CDT partnership, its aims and function is available at:


PhD students in the CDT participate in a training academy, supported by an array of energy companies. The academy provides a broad context for their research together with experience of this key industrial sector. The training is accredited by the Geological Society. As a member of the CDT, Aberdeen will host TWO PhD students each year, starting in October 2021. These are 4-year positions, fully-funded for UK students. As international/EU doctoral students are charged higher fees to study at the university, projects are only available to UK applicants.


The closing date for applications is 29th January 2021. We plan to hold interviews at the end of February - early March. All applications must be made online via:

The projects available for a start in October 2021 are listed below. Contact the individual supervisors for project-specific information.


2021 projects: