Research Partners

Research Partners

We have developed strong collaborations with researchers nationally and internationally together with industry-based scientists especially in the oil and gas sector.

These industrial collaborations have allowed us to create state-of-the-art research facilities in petrophysics, seismic interpretation and geo-fluids. Not only do these partnerships support joint projects, technology and data transfer that are essential for basin research, they are also applied to new challenges, such as tracking down the environmental limits to life.

Our current research partners include:

UK and Overseas Public Bodies and Professional Associations Providing Support

We are also closely aligned to the Earth Surface Processes research group in the School, with collaborative research being undertaken. Together the work of these three research groups forms our input into the Research Excellence Framework, under Earth and Environment.

Research in the department links into the University’s Energy Research Theme and out into broader national and international collaborations. There are opportunities for exciting scientists to join the team through active research projects and various PhD opportunities.