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Phase 3

The Sand Injectites - Phase 3 Research Project started in July 2013, with the following objectives:

  1. Characterization of mudstone host strata - clay mineralogy and silica composition & content, and measurement of the S wave (Vs) and P (Vp) wave velocities.
  2. Creation of Forward Seismic Models of sandstone intrustion complexes, using the SeisRox software
  3. Developing and testing observational methods for differntiating sandstone intrusions from depositional facies, and applying this to borehole interpretation.
  4. Investigating the heavy mineral provenance relationships between Eocene Parent Units and their associated sandstone intrusions.
  5. Testing Petromod as a moddeling tool for pressure systems in sand injection.
  6. Initiation of geochemical modelling of intrusion of intrusions genesis and of present day formation stability

2015 - A Look Back

Here is a summary of the work competled most recently in 2015,

  1. Completion of the regional mapping of the Panoche Giant Injection Complex (PGIC) Danian System
  2. Completion of the local mapping and logging of the Tumey Giant Injection Complex (TGIC) of Eocene Age
  3. Regional Seismic Interpretation of the sand injectites in the Tertiary of the North Sea
  4. Acquisition of LIDAR data from several large sandstone intrusions
  5. Photogrammetric data acquisition of dyke systems, fracture patterns, and low N/G sections