Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects
  • Regional Emplacement of Igneous Intrusions in the Faroe-Shetland Basin. Nick Schofield, Research Fellow, funded by Hess, Statoil and Chevron.
  • Understanding lava –sediment interaction during Basaltic Plains Volcanism. David Jolley and Simon Passey (CASP), funded by Sindri.
  • 3D sediment transfer and drainage systems in the Late Paleocene – Early Eocene of the Faroe – Shetland Basin. Nick Schofield, David Jolley, Huw Llewellyn and Mads Huuse (Manchester), funded by Sindri
  • Lava-Sediment Interaction in a Near-Shore Environment: An Analogue for Offshore Explorations. David Jolley and Simon Passey (CASP), funded by Sindri.
  • Sedimentology and biofacies of sedimentary successions within the Columbia River Plateau Basalt Province, Washington, USA. Alena Ebinghaus, PhD researcher
  • Regional geochemical correlation of LIP’s. John Millett, PhD researcher.
  • Constraining uplift, erosion and drainage development during LIP initiation - Ross Taylor, PhD Researcher
  • Predicting alluvial reservoir development and drainage distribution during mid-late stages of LIP's - Aaron Barker, PhD Researcher
  • Temporal and spatial facies variation in sub surface volcanic sequences, North Atlantic Igneous Province. Huw Llewellyn, PhD researcher.