Active Research Work

Active Research Work

Triassic Research Group

Funders: Oil company consortia
Principal Investigator: Professor Adrian Hartley
Co-Investigators: Prof John Howell, Prof. David Jolley, Prof Andy Morton, Dr. Nick Schofield, Dr. Rachel Brackenridge, Dr. Gail Warwick
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Boltysh Meteorite Impact Crater Project

Funders: NERC
Principal Investigator: David Jolley (University of Aberdeen)
Co-Investigators: Iain Gilmour (Open University), Simon Kelley (Open University)
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Fluvial Systems Research Group

Funders: Total, ConocoPhillips, BG, BP & Chevron
Principal Investigator: Adrian Hartley (University of Aberdeen)
Co-Investigators: Gary Weissmann, Louis Scuderi (University of New Mexico)
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(Predicting Reservoir Architecture in Channelised Slope Setting)
Funder: Oil Industry Consortium (BG, BP, DONG, Petrochina, RWE Dea, Statoil, Tullow), 2012-2015.
Principal Investigator: Ben Kneller
Co-Investigators: Bryan Cronin (Deep Marine Ltd), Fabiano Gambero (Instituto di Scienze Marine, Bologna)


(Sand Injection Research Group)
Funders: AkerBP, Apache, BP, Chrysaor, ConocoPhillips, DNO, Equinor, Idemitsu, JX Nippon, Lundin, Neptune, Premier Oil, Sval Energi, Taqa, Vår Energi
Principal Investigator: Andrew Hurst (University of Aberdeen)
Co-Principal Investigator: Isabelle Lecomte (University of Bergen)
Co-Investigators: Prof Andy Morton, Dr Richard Walker (UC Davis, California), Dr Ruy Philipp (UFRGS, Brazil)
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(Selenium and Tellurium Concentration by Organic Materials)
Funder: NERC, 2013-2014
John Parnell
Co-Investigators: Joerg Feldman (University Aberdeen Chemistry), Geoff Gadd (University Dundee Microbiology), Paul Lusty (BGS), Chris Stanley (Natural History Museum)

StratLIP Research Group

(Stratigraphic evolution of large igneous provinces)
Funders: Chevron, OMV, DONG, Statoil and Shell
Principal Investigator: David Jolley (University of Aberdeen)
Co-Investigators: Adrian Hartley, Malcolm Hole, Nick Schofield (University of Aberdeen)
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Triassic Mudstones

(TACS - Triassic Argillaceous Rocks and Continental Successions)
Funders: Oil Company Consortium (Maersk, GDFSuez, BP, ConocoPhillips, Shell, ExxonMobil, JXNippon, Total & E.ON) 2010-2015
Principal Investigator: Stuart Archer
Co-Investigators: Steven Andrews

Upper Paleozoic deglacial deposits of the Paraná Basin (Brazil) and analogues in the Paganzo Basin (Argentina): Impacts on reservoirs prediction (PHASE II)

Funder: BG Brasil
Principal Investigator: Paulo Paim (Universidade do Vale do Rio Sinos, Brazil)
Co-Investigators: Ben Kneller, Juan Pablo Milana (Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina)

PhDs in Sedimentary Systems: International Mobility, Training & Research

Funders: BG Brasil and Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, Brasil
Coordinator: Ben Kneller
Supervisors: Rob Butler, Adrian Hartley, Andrew Hurst, David Macdonald