CGEBM has a dedicated laboratory for single cell genomics. This includes the Chromium 10X platform for sample preparation and a Countess II FL automated cell counter for accurate cell counting. These systems enable profiling of 1000s of single cells in a heterogeneous sample of interest from any organism, such as human, animal, plant or microbe, and from any tissue such as stem cells, blood, tumours, brain, organoid etc... Within CGEBM, this has been used to successfully identify and define sub-populations of cells within a heterogeneous sample and measure gene expression at single cell resolution to identify key markers and define the transcriptome of each sub-population.

The Chromium 10X system can be used for single cell RNA-seq (gene expression), immune profiling, copy number variation (CNV) analysis, and ATAC-seq (global chromatin accessibility). 


Please view the video below for further details of one of our single cell genomics projects.