The course will be delivered online via the University of Aberdeen's 'Blackboard' platform, where you will be provided with an external guest account upon registering* for which you will have 6 months to complete the course, completely in your own time.       

Paying by Credit Card

You can pay via credit card paying via the online registration system. Please allow 10 working days for your account to be set up once payment has been made.    

Paying by Invoice

If you need to pay via invoice, please email If paying by invoice, please note, that the invoice must be paid before we can grant you access to the course. If you need quicker access, we suggest you pay via credit card on the online registration system.

Terms and Conditions

By registering to attend this event, you confirm you have read and agree to the University of Aberdeen’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice


Benefits of Online Learning

You choose when to study 

Study in your own time, when you’ve got time. This CPD course does not require you to engage at specific times, giving you the freedom to choose when you study within the framework of your course. 

Participants can engage in the interactive chat function with other participants and the course lecturer will provide 1-hour weekly discussions at a pre-arranged time of your choice. What's more, all of the materials are pre-recorded, so you don't need to worry about missing out or being online at specific times, taking the stress out of learning.  

You choose where to study

At home, on the go, in the park… the choice is endless. And chosen by you. As long as you can access the internet, you can study with us – meaning you can get the same CPD certificate as our campus students without having to travel or commute.  

You will be supported

When you study online with us, you can expect a first-class support structure that means you are never alone in your studies. You can contact the course lecturer by discussion board, email, video call or phone. You‘ll be part of a community of learners and can chat with your classmates on our discussion boards around the clock. 
Wherever you are in the world, you’ll feel part of our very special Aberdeen learning community. 

You can achieve your potential 

Studying with us will help you reach your goals. Studying online shows employers that you are self-motivated, can manage your own time and are dedicated to your own development. 

“If an applicant has achieved their academic goals while juggling the demands of work or a busy home life, then that is definitely someone I’d be keen to speak to.” 

Scott Burnett - University Relationship Manager, Santander UK