Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Abstract Submissions

The congress languages are English, French and German. IOSOT is proud of that diversity and encourages those who wish to submit a proposal for a short paper in French or German to do just that and not to feel obliged to use English. In order to attract more papers in French and German, we are extending the deadline until 10 March.

You are invited to submit abstracts for short papers; the deadline is 10 March 2019. If you intend to submit an abstract for an IOSOT short paper, please choose one of the topics 1-18 on the list which you see here on the page and which you will find on the drop-down menu during the electronic submissions process. If, however, you intend to submit an abstract relating to the meetings of one of the sister organisations of IOSOT (i.e., IOSCS, IOQS, IOMS, and ISLP), please choose option 19 from the drop-down menu. Under 'Conference Session', then please check the appropriate box (IOSOT, IOSCS, IOQS, IOMS, or ISLP). Information on submissions to these sessions can be found here.

We allow 20 -25 minutes for the short papers and 5-10 mnutes for Q & A.

IOSOT topics 1 -18 to which papers can be submitted are:

  1. Pentateuch
  2. Historical Books, excl. Deuteronomistic History
  3. Deuteronomistic History
  4. Prophets
  5. Psalms
  6. Wisdom Literature
  7. Apocalyptic literature
  8. Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and Deuterocanonical Literature
  9. Disability Studies and the Hebrew Bible
  10. OT/HB Ethics
  11. OT/HB Reception History
  12. Methodology of OT/HB Study
  13. The Religions of Ancient Israel and Judah
  14. The Social and Economic History of Ancient Israel and Judah
  15. The Historical Geography of Israel and Judah
  16. Hebrew and other Northwest-Semitic Languages
  17. Hebrew Poetry
  18. Translation of the Hebrew Bible, Ancient and Modern
  19. Sister Organisation papers (i.e. IOSCS; IOQS; IOMS and ISLP papers).

We use Oxford Abstracts Submission system, to submit your paper you are required to register on their site. You will receive an email confirming your registration after which you will be able to submit your paper. You are able to amend your submitted paper, should you require, prior to the deadline.

Submission open: late Spetember 2018

Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2019

Submission Guide: all the required information can be found once you have registered to Oxford Abstracts. Some of the information is mandatory and other questions require you to select a category as suggested below:

  •  maximum of 250 words

  • subject category must be selected

  • all authors to be named in order, including the submitter

  • confirmation is required of authors approval

  • selection of organisation submission