Introductory Course Programme

Introductory Course

It is anticipated the course will take around 7 hours to complete, equating to 30 minutes per day over the 2-week core course period. The topics covered will include:

  • Which dietary assessment method to use
  • Diet Diaries
  • 24 Hour Recall and Diet Histories
  • Food Frequency Questionnaires
  • Converting dietary data to nutrient analysis practical
  • Discussion Sessions

A full programme will be available in nearer the course.

Advanced Course Programme

Advanced Course

It is anticipated that the course will take about 21 hours to complete; this equates to 1 hour per day over a core 3-week period.  Attendees will be expected to engage over the core 3-weeks, however materials will be available for a longer period.

This year the course theme is Looking to the future, learning from the past.

Topics covered will include:

  • Reflection on dietary assessment methods
  • Harnessing the latest technology
  • Alternative sources of dietary data
  • Advances in food composition data
  • Interpreting and evaluating dietary data
  • Innovations in biomarkers
  • Learning from other disciplines

The course is highly interactive in nature and includes debates; workshops and meet the expert sessions.  Delegates are encouraged to provide background information on why they are attending, what they want to get from the course and any specific questions in advance.

Previous Years' Programmes

You can view the previous years' programmes as an indication of the content. 

Please note that the course is heavily updated and amended each year with new speakers brought in, to account for delegate feedback and new developments in the field.