The Bough Breaks: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

The Bough Breaks: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

This is a past event

This event will include a screening of the new documentary film The Bough Breaks followed by a panel discussion involving the film's creators and many of those who contributed to it.

The Bough Breaks has at its heart the work of visionary conservationist Alan Watson Featherstone and Trees for Life, the charity he founded (restoring Scotland's ancient Caledonian Forest since the 1980s). It also explores the wider Rewilding movement; how its model of large scale forest restoration can mitigate some of the global conservation and climate issues, currently threatening life on Earth.

It also discusses the urgency for more individual responsibility in the stewardship of our planet and the enormous legacy one man can gift to the future, by staying true to his personal vision. Contributors to the film include George Monbiot, Roy Dennis MBE, Shaila Rao, Dr Duncan Halley, Dr David Hetherington and Dr Louise Ross. They discuss why the actions of this pioneer of Rewilding are so profound, considering the challenges we face and why it is so vital that we follow his lead, taking personal responsibility for the changes we want to see, in order to mend our broken planet. The beautiful original score is by pianist and composer Alan Fowler, accompanied by New York based soloist Zosha Warpeha on Hardanger d'Amore. The Bough Breaks is co-Directed and Produced by Caroline Strong and Danny Strong with Assistant Producer Gabriel Strong.

After the screening there will be an opportunity for audience members to participate in a panel discussion and Q&A with the creators and contributors to The Bough Breaks.

Hosted by
Environment and Biodiversity Interdisciplinary Challenge Area and SBS
King's Conference Centre

Please note this event is free to attend but booking is required, please use the link below