Concert Series - Aberdeen Early Music Collective

Concert Series - Aberdeen Early Music Collective

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Frauke's Farewell

For Frauke Jürgensen’s farewell concert, the Aberdeen Early Music Collective welcomes Lecturer in Performance Aaron McGregor (violin), as well as long-time collaborators Ralph Stelzenmüller (harpsichord) and Caroline Ritchie (viola da gamba and viola d’arco). As a centrepiece of some the greatest hits from Frauke’s research area of 15th-century performance practice, Dueil angoisseux by Gilles Binchois on a text of Christine de Pizan is possibly the saddest song ever composed in an F-major mode. The two high-baroque cantatas in our programme deal with women treated badly, as set sensitively and dramatically by male composers: Händel’s iconic Lucrezia, threatening revenge beyond the grave, and Montéclair’s Sirinx, investigating the complexities of objectification with an ironic twist.

King's College Chapel

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