Dr Waheed Afzal

Dr Waheed Afzal
Dr Waheed Afzal
Dr Waheed Afzal

CEng, CSci, FIChemE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Accepting PhDs



With an extensive academic journey spanning across multiple countries, including the US, France, Denmark, and Pakistan, I have dedicated my academic career to the fields of sustainable process engineering, environmental protection, safety, and clean energy.

My research primarily focuses on developing sustainable solutions to environmental challenges including carbon capture and utilization, waste valorisation, wastewater treatment, and biofuels. Through my research, I aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. 

Alongside my research, I take great pride in mentoring and educating the next generation of engineers. By emphasizing the practical application of engineering principles, I equip my students with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle real-world environmental sustainability challenges.

As programme coordinator, I lead MSc in Process Safety and MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering.

PgCert (2016): University of Aberdeen
Post-Doc (20010-13): University of California, Berkeley
PhD (2009): Mines Paris PSL
European PhD (2010): Mines Paris PSL and Technical University of Denmark
MS (2005) & BSc Engg (2004): Punjab University, Lahore

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships
External Memberships


Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE)

Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Chartered Scientist (CSci)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)


External Services

Assessor of Cypriot Universities and Programs: Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (2023-date) 

External Examiner, MEng/ BEng Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester (2021-date)

University assessor for the accreditation of undergraduate and master degree programs: IChemE (2021-date)

Assessor and Panel Member, CEng and PPSE (Individual Case Procedure): IChemE (2020-date) 

PhD Examiner, Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Exeter, and Teesside (2015-date)

External Examiner, HND/ HNC Chemical Engineering, Teesside University (2018-2023)


Funding Agencies and Panels

Reviewers Penal for Engineering and Physical Sciences, the Newton Fund administered by the British Council (2016-2019)

Reviewer, foreign National Research bodies of South Africa, Singapore, and Pakistan, 2016-


Reviewing for Journals

Journal of Physical Chemistry (ACS); Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data; Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics; Fluid Phase Equilibria; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; Chemical Engineering Communications; Journal of Quality and Technology Management; PIChE Journal



Latest Publications

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Prizes and Awards

European Doctorate (2010)


Research Overview

Low carbon cement and construction material; mineral Carbon capture and utilization; clean energy technologies; waste valorization; waste plastics

Research Areas

Accepting PhDs

I am currently accepting PhDs in Engineering.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your research ideas further.

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Accepting PhDs

Research Specialisms

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Safety Engineering
  • Minerals Processing

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

Current Research

Current PhDs: 

  1. Muhammad Usman Azam (PhD Expected 2023), Sustainable technologies for the conversion of waste plastics, (lead supervisor). 
  2. Bishnu Bhattarai (PhD Expected 2023), Management of industrial waste with xenobiotics, (lead supervisor)
  3. Zahrah Zanna Ibrahim (PhD Expected 2024), Advances in EoR aided by ionic liquids, (co-supervisor)
  4. Rukayat Salawu (PhD Expected 2025), Mineral carbon capture and conversion, (lead supervisor)
  5. Mohamed Elnashar (PhD Expected 2025), Safety of green hydrogen supplychain, (co-supervisor)

Successful PhDs: 

  1. Lewis McDonald (2022), Precipitated Calcium Carbonate for Low-Carbon Portland Cements, (lead supervisor).
  2. Wanawan "Nan" Pragot (2021), Mineral carbon capture and conversion into useful products: an experimental and ecological study (lead supervisor). University of Aberdeen

  3. Mohamud Yassin (2021), Feasibility study of microwave-assisted swing adsorption for post-combustion carbon capture (co-supervisor).
  4. Mohsin Ali Raza (2020): Thermodynamic and transport properties of biomass based chemicals (lead supervisor). University of Aberdeen

  5. Geraldo AR Ramos (2018): Investigation of EOR techniques (co-supervisor). University of Aberdeen

  6. Purnomo Sidi (2018): Investigating the suitability of Eichhomia crasspipes for use in drilling fluids (lead supervisor). University of Aberdeen

  7. Muhammad S Akram (2018), Kinetic study and reactor simulation of methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation reaction for a mobile power plant (co-supervisor). Punjab University, Lahore

  8. Dureem Munir (2018), Catalytic hydrocracking of waste plastics to liquid fuels (co-supervisor). Punjab University, Lahore

  9. Shahzad Y Khawaja (2014): Factors influencing the extraction efficiency in a pulsed sieve-plate extraction column (co-supervisor). Punjab University, Lahore


  1. Dr Maria-Ara Carballo-Meilan (2018-19), Precipitated calcium Carbonate Products (OMYA RG 14551), University of Aberdeen
  2. Dr Mohsin A Raza (2022-23), Renewable energy integration in farming and agriculture (KT Associate) ANM Group and University of Aberdeen

Past Research

Fluid-phase equilibria and thermophysical properties; conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to liquid fuels; applications of ionic liquids in chemical processes; Impact of sulphur species on oil and gas systems; gas hydrates; gas processing



Prof. Christophe Coquelet, Director of Process Thermodynamics, Department of Energy and Processes, École des Mines de Paris (MINES ParisTech)

Prof. Georgios Kontogeorgis, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Prof. Paul Hallett, School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Funding and Grants

Current and Recent External Grants

Grant ‘Add Your Value Application’ to European Commission: Successful £47,179 (Co-I along with several other colleagues). 2019-21

Grant 'Integral Process Optimization for Sustainable Offshore-Structure Dismantling Yard Operation Application', Royal Academy of Engineering: £79,934- (Co-with three other colleagues). 2019-2021

Grant, 'Carbon utilization in high-value precipitated calcium carbonate under low solid conditions' £100,000 PI, 2018- 2019

Scottish Funding Council through the Northern Research Partnership, Sulphur species in fuel products and environment, £4000, PI, 2016-2017

Scottish Funding Council, Micro wind turbine with carbon capture module, £5000 PI, 2015-2016

Travel Grant: Santander Mobility Grant, Raman spectroscopy in carbon capture, Visit of Germany, December 2016

Travel Grant: British Council Researcher Links, Renewable energy technology: future, opportunity, and challenges for the UK and Turkey, Istanbul 4-7 April 2016

Travel Grant: UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre, CCS in the UK - Moving Forward, Manchester Biannual, Manchester 13-14 April 2016



Teaching Responsibilities

Programme Design and Leadership

Programme Coordinator:

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering

MSc Process Safety


Current Teaching

MSc: Separations & Product Purification (Coordinator and Contributor)

MSc: Safety & Risk Management (Contributor and Coordinator)

MSc: Human Factors Engineering (Contributor and Coordinator)

BEng/MEng: Biochemical Engineering (Contributor)

BEng/MEng: Chemical Engineering Design (Contributor)

MEng: Group Design Project in Chemical Engineering (Contributor)

BEng/MEng/MSc: individual Research Projects

Research Supervision 

Personal Tutor

Teaching in the Recent Past

Process Risk Identification & Management

Energy Conversion and Storage

Advanced Process Dynamics and Control-Theory

Process Dynamics and Control-Theory

Process Instrumentation and Control-Lab


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