Redesigning internet for bursty traffic.


Arnau, Almirall Sergi

Icebergs: pipelines in danger due to ice scouring.


Deng, Xuyang

Circuit optimisation for multi-infeed HVDC systems.


Corsetti, Stella

Studying biofuel aerosol evaporation rates with single particle manipulation.


Savio, Mario

Effects of in-stream vegetation on hydraulic resistance and sediment transport in regulated rivers.


Wilcox, Lawrence Asinyetogha

Modelling the behaviour of reservoir formations during fracture.


Joseph, Amieibibama

Investigating liquid loading phenomenon in gas wells.


Lin, Zaibin

2-D Coupled model for wave-induced pore pressure in a porous seabed.


Sulaiman, Nurul sa Aadah

Risk assessment  of anchor- pipeline interactions.


Egwuatu, Uchenna Joseph

Dynamic stresses in subsea pipelay using semi-analytic approach.


Sidi, Purnomo

Investigating the suitability of eichhornia cressipes-water hyacinth as loss circulation material on drilling operation.


Fough, Nazila

The impact of RTP circuit breaker on multimedia flows.


Sayah, Mukthar moh As

Attractor reconstruction for parameter identification in an impact oscillator.


Hedayati, Mohammad Hassan

Reliability Of Profiled Blast Wall Structures


Hoda Beltagui

Durability of calcium sulphoaluminate cements in sulphate environments.


Ndubuka, Nkeiruka Nneka

Fibre optic technology for combined structural & environmental monitoring of subsea structures.


Hanein, Theodore

1D Thermal model for rotary  kilns used in cement production.


Eduard, Grigorescu

Analysis of latency improvement for interactive, thin stream applications over reliable transport.


Yasen, Harrye

Modular dual active bridge DC-DC converter for HVDC applications.


Christensen, Magali

Impact of wettability on waterflood oil recovery.


Iya, Nurudden

A combined delay and loss based congestion control for real-time media applications.