Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium

Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium

The Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium

The annual Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium presents a snapshot of the work of Postgraduate Research students within the School of Engineering. This event is organised by students and is intended to showcase the work done by students, spanning the diverse fields of; Chemical and Material Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and Mechanics of Fluids, Soils and Structures.

The objectives of the symposium are to:

  • Inform students and staff within the School about the exciting, original research that is being undertaken within and across different engineering disciplines;
  • Foster and develop links between key academic, industry, and other stakeholders with an interest in advancement of science and engineering knowledge and capability;
  • Benefit from the exchange and cross fertilisation of ideas and exploration of complementary expertise;
  • Encourage and facilitate future joint cross- and multi-disciplinary research proposals that address ‘the big issues’;

Check out the 12th Symposium (2021) tab for more information on this year's event including dates!