Poster Presentations

Group 1: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

1) Ajala Olamide Sherifah, “Modelling & Optimisation of Down-hole Drilling Tool”

2) Asim Umair, “A Microstructure based Multiscale Computational Framework for Metal Forming”

3) Ikechukwu Onyegiri, “Stress Relief Groove Design in Threaded Connectors for Sandwich Pipes”

4) James Hastie, “Thermoplastic Composite Pipes for Subsea Applications”

5) Maureen Jennings, “An investigation of the current competence assessment of Offshore Installation Managers: the lost components of underpinning knowledge and understanding”

6) Mohammad Khodadadi, “Modelling of Tomax downhole anti vibration tool for oil well drilling”

7) Natalia Gomez Lopez,” Risk modelling for offshore drilling operations: a dynamic bayesian networks approach”

8) Reza Aulia, “Developing a risk-based decision strategy for subsea pipeline life extension”

9) Stephane Kovacs, “Coexisting attractors in nonlinear dynamics and intermittent control”

10)  Susmita Naskar, “Effective Elastic Property of Randomly Damaged Composite Laminates”

11) Victoria Kurushina, “Modified wake oscillator for prediction of vortex-induced vibrations of structures with low mass ratio”


Group 2: Fluids and Structures

1) Andrea Zampiron-    “Optimization of PIV measurement planes”

2) Lashore Babatunde- “Multi-Fluid Flow and Multi-Scale Reactive Transport in Subsurface Rocks”

3) Heather Turnbull  – “Damage severity estimation of wind turbine blades using fuzzy finite element model updating”

4) Panagiotis Skarlas- “Flow interaction with a horizontal cylinder located within the wave bottom boundary layer”

5) Salih Mahgoub- “Development of lightweight fiber-based bricks”

6) Snizhana Ross- “Gas cushioning in solid body impacts with liquid”


Group 3: Materials and Chemical Engineering

1) Afolabi Ahmed-Tijani – “Efficient biomass upgrading technologies via the steam reforming of bio-oils and tar”

2) Frank Birse –  “Development of a Continuous Anode for a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell: Materials Studies”

3) Ifeoluwa Bolaji – Acidogenic fermentation of vegetable and salad waste for chemical production: Effect of pH and retention time”

4) Mohsin A. Raza – “Development of green value chemicals from renewable sources and their physical properties”

5) Ojotule P. Onoja – “Towards a Comprehensive Reactor Model for the direct conversion of Methane to Ethylene”

6) Tony Saba  –“Catalysis at the Interface of Engineering and Biology: Heterogeneous Catalysts Promoted Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Cofactors Regeneration”

7) Craig Moir – “Thermal Enhancement of Nanofluids”

8) Chinedu Casmir Etteh – “Effects of SRT and Substrate Concentration on effluent quality of Phenol Biodegradation using Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs)”

9) Marinela Zhurka – “Catalytic reforming of bio-oil and tar compounds in fixed bed reactor with application to biomass gasification”


Group 4: Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

1) Alexandra Roslin – “Micro-scale characterisation of pore structure and flow properties in coalbed methane formations”

2) Anelechi Ibekwe – “Pore-scale imaging of two-phase flow: Linking in-situ contact angles to bulk properties”

3) Azis Yudhowijoyo – “Visual Observation of Nanoparticles Retention in Shale Fractures”

4) Antreas Mesaritis – “Shale rock imaging, characterization and flow behaviour”

5) Bou Hamdan Kamel – “Investigating the role of proppants  in hydraulic fracturing of gas shales”

6) Chibuzor Onyemara – “Screening of Environment friendly Biosurfactants and Interfacial Phenomenon for the Purpose of Enhanced /Improved Oil Recovery”

7) Chidamoio Joao – “Prediction of phase transition and flow regime development using variable length to diameter ratio in gas lifted wells”

8) Golparvar Amir  – “A Coupled Level Set with Volume of Fluid Method Study of Multiphase Flow in Mixed-Wet Porous Media”

9) Ibrahim Adamu – “Chemo-poromechanical finite element modelling of swelling shales”

10) James Adeleye – “Pore-Scale Analyses of Heterogeneity and Representative Elemental Volume for Unconventional Shale Rocks using Statistical Tools”

11) Mohamed Sherif – “Elasto-Plastic Behaviour of Shale”

12) Toochukwu Onwuliri  – “Investigation of Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Shale Formations”

13) Tinuola Udoh – “Productivity Enhancement in a Combined Low Salinity Water and Bio-surfactant Injection Projects”


Group 5: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

1)  Bin Abdul Aziz, Azwa – “Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Cross Domain Sentiment Analysis”

2)  Ijeoma Okeke –  “Spatio- Temporal Characterisation of Wireless Sensor Network Data”

3)  Ibukunolu.O Oladunjoye – “Coexistence phenomenon in a Two Disk torsional Drill-string Model with delayed input control”

4)  Russell, Douglas – “Evaluating the performance of robust controllers for a nanopositioning platform under loading”

5)  Moon Rahul Jagdish – “Selection of hybrid damping and tracking strategies for improved positioning”