School of Engineering seminar: Multiscale modelling of deformation and failure process

School of Engineering seminar: Multiscale modelling of deformation and failure process

This is a past event

This presentation will focus on current state of the art in the modelling of conventional and uncon-ventional deformation and failure processes at di erent length scales. Presentation will comprise ofthree parts as follow.First part will focus on ultrasonic consolidation process. Ultrasonic consolidation is a class of a rapidprototyping process in which thin layers of materials are deposited layer by layer to produce a 3D part. The process exploits the advantage of acoustic softening by superimposing ultrasonic energy to the material in addition to the conventional monotonic compression loading. The process once integrated with computer numerical controlled milling machines can generate 3D prototypes in few minutes with great accuracy. The technique is also useful to embed active and passive bres to make metal-matrix composites as well as materials with embedded sensors and actuators for structural health monitoring. As far as the underlying physical mechanisms are concerned, the process is a combination of surface (friction) and volume (acoustic) softening e ects. Here author presents the status quo of the computational framework developed by author to understand the underlying mechanisms involved during the process at di erent lengthscales. Examples of monolithic consolidation and bre embedding are discussed in detail.Second part will focus on ultrasonic assisted forming processes and di erent modelling approaches will be presented to understand the underlying physical mechanisms.Third part will focus on stress corrosion cracking in steels under harsh environments.

Dr Amir Siddiq
Hosted by
School of Engineeering
FN2, Fraser Noble building

Amer Syed