School Health & Safety Committee

School Health & Safety Committee

If any student or member of staff has a matter they wish the committee to discuss they should contact their immediate supervisor, the Local Safety Coordinator or one of the members of the Health & Safety Committee.

Terms of Reference

The School of Engineering’s Health and Safety Committee advises the School Executive and the wider School community.

As part of its remit the Committee:

  • Keeps under review, and advises the School on, health and safety arrangements of the School.
  • Provides a forum for discussion of health and safety matters of relevance to the School.
  • The membership of the Committee is representative of the School’s activities and includes academic, technical, administrative, student and University representatives.


  • Head of School
  • Chair of the Committee
  • Technical Resources Officer
  • Local Safety Coordinator (Fraser Noble)
  • Local Safety Coordinator (National Decommissioning Centre)
  • Lead Laser Protection Supervisor
  • School Disabilities Coordinator
  • Research fellow representative
  • Technical staff representatives
  • Technical Resources Manager
  • PGR student representatives
  • Representative from the University Health, Safety & Resilience Team
  • Clerk

Current Membership (Updated 1 May 2024)

Head of School Prof. Ekaterina Pavlovskaia 2786
Chair, School H&S Committee Dr Yukie Tanino 4514
TRO & FN Local Safety Coordinator Mr Grant Cordiner 2788
NDC Local Safety Coordinator Mr John Polanksi 4415
Lead Laser Protection Supervisor Dr Thanga Thevar 3776
School Disability Coordinator Dr Waheed Afzal 2526
Research fellow representative TBC  
Technical staff representatives

Mr Jonathan Boschen-Rose

Mr Richard Osborne



TRM (interim), University H&S Committee representative Mr Martin Cowie  
PGR student representatives


Representative from the University Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team

Mrs Vivienne Amakiri

Clerk Mrs Anne Wells 2101