The Researcher Development Framework (and Me!)

The Researcher Development Framework (and Me!)

What is it?

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a national framework developed for researchers, which aims to help you understand the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes expected of effective and highly skilled researchers.

Why should I care?

The RDF was based on a poll of researchers and their pathways to success. By considering what skills you need, and examining areas of development for yourself, you will enhance your CV and increase your competitiveness, in research and other fields.

What's the link to Public Engagement?

Engagement with stakeholders and beneficiaries of research is such a pervasive aspect of researcher development, that Vitae have produced a specific lens to help identify the skills that proactive public engagement can help you acquire. The University of Aberdeen helped shape this resource through its role as an RCUK Catalyst.

What have you done in this circle?

The RDF is best known through the quadrant domain diagram shown below. By clicking on a quadrant you'll be taken to the University's Researcher Development website to see the full range of skills development modules matching that domain. Remember that attending skills modules alone is only part of the career development path. Evidencing those skills is just as, if not more, important. The annual suite of opportunities supported by the public engagement with research unit is one outlet for helping you do that.

Engagement, influence and impact Knowledge and intellectual abilities
 Research governance and organisation Personal Effectiveness