Public engagement costs time and money, right? Well it usually involves some sort of time commitment, but many activities can be performed at very little or no cost. Check out our top 5 ideas below:

  • Become a Public Engagement or STEM Ambassador as a pathway to building a portfolio. Applications for each are straightforward and offer ongoing support for engagement activity.
  • Lead a discussion or get involved at one of our community cafe events.  You might want to give a talk but we're always keen to hear from staff or students who can help organise the events, for instance by helping with marketing or audience evaluations.
  • Write about your research for a blog or our very own student-led Au magazine- they are always on the lookout for good articles as well as enthusiastic volunteers to help edit and produce the magazine
  • Try your hand at Research Busking at the University of Aberdeen Annual Festival or during British Science Week or the Festival of Social Science maybe in a city centre shopping centre
  • Contribute to an online engagement project such as or citizen projects

Contact the team if you would like to discuss an idea!