Neepie Lantern Competition 2021

The Elphinstone Institute has launched the 2021 Neepie Lantern Competition. Get your knives and spoons (yes spoons!) ready, and get howking. When you’ve carved your masterpiece send a pic of your entry to including your full name and postal address to reach us by 1 November 2021.

Rules are to have a lit lantern with a lid and string.

Photo by Nicolas Le Bigre

The idea is to encourage the tradition of neep lanterns for Halloween in the North-East. Neeps have lost popularity since the introduction of the pumpkin, which twenty years ago was not widely available in the North-East. The neepie lantern was a feature of Halloween, at parties, and guising (not trick or treating which is the fashion nowadays).

So get howking and have fun reclaiming a North-East childhood Halloween neep lantern tradition and revive it for future generations.

Prizes for the competition include a first prize of The College Boy CD of local songs and rhymes by Stanley Robertson, plus The Living Doric, edited by Cuthbert Graham. Two runners up will receive prizes of The Living Doric.


By submitting your entry, you are giving us permission to include the photo in the Elphinstone Institute Archives and to use it online for social media or other similar purposes. You will be credited for any use.

Happy Halloween and Happy Howking!

2021 winner William Leys 

Runner up Donna MacCallum

Runner up Mollie Power

Well done to the 2021 winners, and thank you to all those who sent in the many entries received, they were all excellent, and it's good to see that traditional neep carving is still going strong for Halloween.

2020 winner Freya Cartney's unusual design.

Runner up, joint winners Eilidh and Arran Will with their monster creations.

Well done to the 2020 winners, and thank you to all those who sent in the many entries received.