Dinna Lauch At Me Scratch Challenge

Dinna Lauch At Me Scratch Challenge

Interested in stories? Interested in learning about computer programming? Looking for something fun to do with the family?

Yes? We've got a lockdown challenge for you.

Why not create your very own game, animation, or cartoon using MIT's online free Scratch website? 

Scratch is easy and fun to use. If you haven’t tried it before you can follow the instructions in the very simple tutorials and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can produce something.


'Dinna Lauch At Me' Scratch Challenge

Brief: Create a simple computer game, animation, or cartoon of the story Dinna Lauch At Me, told by North-East storyteller Jackie Ross.

 Jackie Ross
Jackie Ross


  • You must use Doric/Scots language in your text or audio
  • You can change the setting and the characters but the story line should stay the same.  For example, you might set your cartoon in water with sea creatures or in the countryside with farm animals.
  • Send us your work - To do this you'll either need to create a free account on the Scratch site and share the link from there or you can save the file to your computer using the File menu on the top left of the Scratch page and send us the file via email. We'll then upload it to our account and we can share it from there.
  • Have fun

With your permission, we'd love to share some of your creations on our Facebook page for others to enjoy.

Please send your creation using either of the methods outlined above to simon.gall@abdn.ac.uk at any point between now and the 15th of June.


Glossary (you can also use the Dictionary of the Scots Language if you need extra help with other Scots/Doric words)

eence - once

wis - was

fa - who

fan - when

lauch - laugh

alang - along

baud - hare

puir - poor

dee - do

onything - anything

bit - but

dinna - don't

gan - going

mair - more

sae - so

syne - then

nae lang efter – not long after

afore - before

filie -while

oot - out

gid - went

thegither - together