North-East Scots Leid Board/North-East Scots Language Board

Launched in March 2018, the North-East Scots Leid Board celebrates an promotes the expressive Scots o the North-East. 

The Board, wi representatives fae Aiberdeen Varsity, Robert Gordon Varsity, City, Shire, Moray, an Angus Cooncils, as weel as a wide range o pairtners fae aa the airts, is set up tae gie a heeze tae aa the dialects o North-East Scots, fae the Moray Firth tae the silvery Tay. We’re tryin tae mak oor regional dialects o the Scots language mair accessible tae bairns in schuil, students at the varsity, aa fowk in civic life, an in the media across the North-East.

Launched in March 2018, the North-East Scots Language Board celebrates and promotes the expressive Scots of the North-East.

The Board, with representatives from the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University, City, Shire, Moray, and Angus Councils, as well as a wide range of partners from around the area, is set up to raise the visibility of all the dialects of North-East Scots, from the Moray Firth to the silvery Tay. We're trying to make our regional dialects of the Scots language more accessible to children in school, students at the university, all folk in civic life, and in the media across the North-East.

North-East Scots Film

The Doric tongue, so common in the North-East, is part of the Scots Language. But where did this language come from, and what makes the Doric special?

North-East Scots Film (part 2)

Sheena Blackhall, the famed Doric poet, and Professors Smith and Millar to explore how the Doric came to be the way it is.

North-East Scots Film (part 3)

Poet Jo Gilbert, teacher Jamie Fairbairn and former pupil Robert Legge, explore the future of North-East Scots.